DHS Olympic Training Barbell 20kg
DHS Olympic Training Barbell 20kg
DHS Olympic Training Barbell 20kg
DHS Olympic Training Barbell 20kg

DHS Olympic Training Barbell 20kg

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DHS are one of the biggest names in weightlifting, with their barbells being used in both world and olympic championships, a hallmark of quality which you will never find in the kinds of barbells found in commercial gyms.

Why Buy a DHS Training Barbell?

If you have only ever trained in commercial gyms the chances are you will assume one bar is much the same as the other. After all a bar is basically a standardised lump of metal right?

You could not be more wrong! As it happens outside of a DHS barbell and a gym barbell both likely weighing the same (20kg) and being the same length (7 feet), there are a ton of differences. Barbells will vary significantly in how much load they can handle, how much "whip" they feature, and how smooth they are when you both grip them and when you lift with them. The degree of performance available from a barbell varies significantly depending on the type of metal used, the degree of knurling on the bar, its tensile strength, its coating, the diameter of the bar, as well as the number and quality of bearings or bushings in each bar. The list is endless really.

Without getting too technical, know that the typical barbell in a gym is designed to be be made so that it is cheap to manufacture, and designed for comfort rather than performance. Unfortunately, a bar designed for the masses is a bar which will not deliver the degree of performance you should demand and the difference between a cheap barbell and a DHS training barbell add up so that when it comes to lifting with heavy weights, or especially performing explosive lifts such as the olympic lifts, you will not be able to lift as much weight or maintain the ideal technique needed for elite performance. 

What do Athletes say About DHS Bars?

When it comes to elite barbell manufacturers the differences between brands will be less but even then, the DHS range of barbells stands out for its quality with a superior grip quality that enables you to impart maximal force through the bar but without the downsides of causing your hands to rip up when performing lifts at high speed such as the clean or snatch. Furthermore, DHS bars make the transition phase of lifts such as the olympic lifts or squats far easier than it would be otherwise which adds up to superior poundages lifted and in turn, faster gains in muscle mass. 

Don't take our word on this. Just check out some of the reviews on the DHS range.

"I think anyone here that buys the DHS equipment would be happy with it and have no problems. I would buy them again and if I were outfitting a gym, I would look to stock their bars as awesome training bars."

"I have one, its amazing. I like it better than the eleiko bars I've used."

"I've used Eleiko, DHS, and Pendlay all fairly heavily for training bars. Overall I'd say DHS is the best choice since it has nice flex (not a ton like eleiko or not too much like pendlay) and spin - but isn't so sharp in the knurling that it'll fuck your hands up from constant use."

"Ive trained on DHS bars and really like them."

"I’ve trained on all the bars you’ve mentioned but I’d go with the DHS, great bar especially for the price. Definitely the next bar I will be getting. Werksan would be my number 2. Eleiko would be my third choice."





DHS Training Barbell Technical Parameters

Length - 2200mm

Weight - 20kg

Grip Diameter - 28mm

Certification - IWF

Bar Surface - Chrome

Sleeve Diameter - 50mm

Loadable Sleeve Length - 415mm

Bearing Type - Needle Bearings

Bearing Number - 8

Grip Marking - Weightlifting

Knurling - 1.2mm (Sharp)

Maximum Load - 1500kg

Tensile Strength - 215,000 PSI